Harry Potter will be making a trip to Hartford this fall. No, Daniel Radcliffe isn’t actually making an appearance in Connecticut (as far as we know) but the music from Harry Potter will be.

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra announced Monday that they will perform the score from Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone this November at the Bushnell.

For Harry Potter super fans this will be super cool. Especially because the symphony orchestra will be playing along live to every note of the film while it plays on a 40 foot high def screen. Which will be awesome to see.

While this is exciting and all here are some other movies we would like to see the Hartford Symphony Orchestra take a crack at once they are done with Harry Potter.


This would be the best thing ever. For the opening ‘Danger Zone’ scenes alone.


The Jurassic Park score is so famous that they might have already done this. If not, this is definitely a must. To hear this played live would be amazing.


I would buy tickets right this second if they announced this. I’d even pay extra if every member of the symphony was dressed up like Dr. Venkman and Egon.


Worth the price of admission just for parade scene to Twist and Shout.

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