It’s a sad day for steak lovers in the Hartford area. According to the Hartford Courant Morton’s The Steakhouse in State House Square has closed its doors for good after 14 years.

New Years Eve was the restaurant’s final night. A statement from a restaurant spokesperson said a “shift in demographics” was the reason for closing. Although the company is in fact looking at ‘new potential sites’ to open a new location.

As a steak lover this news really makes me sad. While Morton’s is technically a national chain restaurant there is just something special about that place. Any city I have lived in I’ve always had fantastic memorable dinners at the local Morton’s. Including the now closed Hartford location. Besides their delicious steaks and legendary mind-blowing oozing chocolate cake (seriously if you have never experienced this, you haven’t lived) their waitstaff are always the best, the actual room is always a great vibe, and they do a great job of making you always feel like a king from the minute you walk in the door.

The biggest issue with this Hartford Morton’s closing is the fact that Connecticut is losing another steakhouse (The Morton’s in Stamford closed in 2014) in a state that is STARVING for good high-end steakhouses. Connecticut’s resolution for 2015 should be ‘More Steakhouses’. Looking at you, Malloy! Preferably local independent steakhouses. I have lived here in CT for almost two and a half years now and have yet to find a REALLY great local high-end steakhouse. The state needs to get their act together and figure this out. I am willing and available to be the “Steakhouse Czar” in Connecticut if needed.

So I say farewell to you, Morton’s Hartford. I will try to find a delicious bone-in rib-eye or filet this weekend to eat in your memory.


(via Courant)


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