Anyone trying to go to Ireland?

Well, guess what, you don’t have to schlep all the way down to New York to catch your flight. As of Wednesday, it’s looking like a short little jaunt to Bradley International Airport will do.

According to, an Irish-based news site, airline Aer Lingus is looking to add three new trans-Atlantic routes, including one to and from Hartford.

Interestingly, it looks like¬†Bradley will actually be footing the bill on this one. The report said that our local airport courted Aer Lingus for months and ended up giving them financial incentives to the tune of $5 million in addition to two years without any landing charges. Rough as that sounds, it kind of makes sense since it seems the airliner will need to add new staff to handle this route. Not mention, it brings that “international” back to Bradley International Airport after it stopped offering transatlantic flights in 2009.

So far we haven’t really seen any public confirmation from Bradley, Governor Malloy, or any other notable authority figure, so I’m sincerely hoping for some credibility from this Irish news service. But it sounds like tomorrow we’ll all find out for real, and hopefully shortly after we can all start booking our flights.

(via NBC Connecticut)

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