There’s a lot of reasons why you might call 911.  A fire.  An accident. Someone is hurt.  There is a plethora of instances where a call to 911 is warranted… but not when the local pizza place got your order wrong TWO WEEKS ago and you want the police to intervene.

That’s right, a Hartford woman called 911 to explain that two weeks ago she ordered a small half cheese, half bacon pizza from Empire Pizza in Hartford.  But instead of bacon, she got hamburger meat.  Apparently Empire wouldn’t work with her because she ate the pizza despite the wrong topping.

Sadly for the woman, 911 would not send police to get her money back.  It’s not like the accidentally put a vegetable on the pizza, hamburger meat is just as fatty as bacon.  Sometimes you just gotta settle.  Even for pizza.  Listen to the call:


Source: NBC Connecticut

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