Hartford Whalers Scratch Tickets A Big Hit. Have You Won Yet?

Hartford Whalers Scratch Tickets A Big Hit. Have You Won Yet?
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It seems the NHL refuses to bring back the only pro sports team Connecticut has ever had, back to the state. The Connecticut Lottery has decided to take things into their own hands and do everything in their power to change that.

Last month CT Lottery will released a brand new Whalers themed scratch off game. They been promoting the new game all across Connecticut.



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The tickets cost $3 each. Which will also be the minimum prize you can win. The big jackpot grand prize being $30,000. Hey, if you win the grand prize you will be $30,000 closer to the millions you will need to buy and bring the team back! If anything the lottery should be some of the profits they make from the tickets towards that same goal. How crazy would THAT be. I can see the headline in the Courant now… “The Whalers return to Hartford After Connecticut Spends Millions On Scratch Tickets.”


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Either way, it has been a huge hit so far for CT Lottery and the state. I think this is a brilliant move by the Ct Lottery. I like the strategy. Just hammer this well known brand in to the minds of everyone in this state until they bring the team back. And what better way to do that than with scratch off tickets. The tickets do have the NHL logo on them, so there is obviously still backing from the league as far as the brand goes. I’ have always thought the Whalers logo is one of the best sports team logos of all time. Whalers merchandise still sells REALLY well too. To the point that it has become sort of a retro style statement for people across New England and New Enganders living across the country.

Good luck everyone! Go Whalers!


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