Last one out, please shut the lights.  Finally, Connecticut rid itself of disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein because he sold his remaining Westport properties.

Westport News reports that Weinstein fetched a decent $16 million from the sales.  The town of Westport says the home sold for $10 mil while the vacant lot sold for $6 mil.

And, no, I don’t think leaving that real estate behind broke his heart.  That’s because he didn’t primarily live there.

A shame, really.  Any middle-class person would jump at the opportunity to live full time at the beachfront property.

If you’re curious, the addresses are 26 and 28 Beachside Avenue.

As for who scooped up the parcels, the honor goes to town resident Andrew Bentley.   Honestly, he probably bought them for a steal.  Had anyone else owned them, the price tag probably would have looked a little different.

But, back to Sir Gropes Alot.  He and his ex-wife Eve Chilton owned the early 1900’s colonial since 1994.  A few years later, he bought the neighboring empty lot.

But, following their divorce, he managed to keep both properties to himself.   He later used them to host a multitude of fundraisers for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

However, I doubt either of them would be caught dead with Harvey Weinstein ever again considering how many actresses accused him of sexual assault.  Over 40 women to be exact, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

After his career and reputation came crashing down in October, no one wanted to touch him.  Even the entertainment company he co-founded, Miramax, gave him the boot.  With them, he produced several famous movies such as Shakespeare in Love and Gangs of New York.

The Weinstein Company, a mini-major film studio, also cut ties with him.  Also, Hatchette Book absorbed his book company.

Now, no one cares about his legacy and, more importantly, him.

And, now, it looks like Connecticut will finally wash its hands of him, as well.  Hopefully new owner Andrew Bentley will invite CT Boom to his housewarming party!

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