We are approaching the final week of August, and before you know it, fall will be soon with us. The leaves will begin to change colors, and of course, pumpkin spice flavors will soon make its yearly appearance on all of our menus.

To the delight of the Internet, Starbucks announced that they will begin selling the PSL and other fall items on August 28. Furthermore, Dunkin’ announced that they will be rolling out everything pumpkin spiced the day before.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of pumpkin coffee, donuts, muffins, pie, and bread. However, I do think that the craze has been taken a bit too far. For instance, I have seen pumpkin pancakes, cupcakes, bagels, beer, and cream cheese.

I mean, when you add pumpkin cream cheese in the mix, that’s a whole different extreme.

Now I must ask: has the obsession with pumpkin flavored everything reached a whole new level of obsession?

I think so.

First of all, this is the earliest that Starbucks has launched the popular drink. Typically, it makes its debut the first week of September. Keep in mind, fall does not start until September 22.

However, I get the obsession to some degree — it’s delicious. And, it’s available only once a year.  Therefore, when it is around, you do try to get it as much as possible. It also explains the excitement of when it does become available for diners.

Furthermore, when you get something as popular as pumpkin spice, you’re going to want to try to use it in all avenues. Sometimes, it works. Other times, not so much.

With that being said, there is a difference between indulging in different ideas, and full out reaching the extreme. We have reached that with the earlier than ever arrival of the flavors, as well as the amount of things you can now get pumpkin flavored.

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