Well, count this as one of the most interesting competitions ever seen.  So if you camp outside the brand new Chick-fil-A in Norwalk next week, you could win a serious amount of free food.  No joke.

Basically, grab your sleeping bag, tent, and some overnight supplies for this glorious prize.  Free food for a year!

Norwalk Daily Voice reports that you must arrive by 5:45 on Wednesday, the 18th, to qualify.  If you survive camping out the full 24 hours before opening day, you win.  But not just one person claims the prize… 100 people will!  That’s why the event is called the “first 100 party!”

Well, there’s a catch.  If there’s more than 100 people camping out that night… your luck comes down to a raffle just before opening.  So, keep your fingers crossed that only 99 people join you on your quest for free food.

On top of that, the competition is only open to individuals from Norwalk or those from the surrounding areas.  It really wouldn’t make sense for someone from Enfield to score free meals from their new Norwalk store.

Then again, people do crazy things for free stuff.  But, the craziest thing for that night is the actual “camping out” part.

But, think about it.  A year’s worth of their crispy golden waffle fries and crunchy buttery chicken.  Worth the risk.  Just make sure you don’t forget your ID and that you must be 18 and older to win.  You can’t win if you don’t have the age or identification on your side.

And if you do win, you score a gift card pre-loaded and good for 52 free meals.

Not exactly free food for a year, but more like one free meal a week.  And that free meal includes a chicken sandwich, medium waffle potato fries, and a medium beverage.

So, if you dine out through the drive thru every day, think about how much money you’ll save by cutting down a fraction of your spending by 1/7th.  In the end, camping out for a full 24 hours might not be a bad idea.   It’s an economic decision.

Plus, what else is there to do in CT on a Wednesday night?  Watch tumbleweeds roll across the street?  Camping out at a fast food joint is where it’s at!  Bring your TV and laptop and pretend it’s Black Friday a whole month early!

So, if you happen to have a full 24 hours to kill or just really really want free fries, you know where to go.

The new Chick-fil-A location is at 467 Connecticut Ave in Norwalk.  It opens, officially, 6:30am on the 19th.

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