As someone who also has a Yahoo! email account, this is very bad news.  Now’s a good time to change your password and to double check your sensitive data.   Yahoo! just confirmed that someone hacked every single account of theirs.

Reuters reports that the 2013 data breach happened to be a lot larger than they initially let on.  So, remember when they said the hack only affected a few accounts?  Like, around the low amount of 1 billion users? Yeah, that’s definitely not what happened.

Basically, the data breach hit all 3 billion accounts.   This also includes Flickr, Fantasy and Tumblr accounts.

Thankfully, despite mining 3 billion names, email addresses and passwords, hackers weren’t able to tap into anyone’s financial data.  Basically, your passwords in clear text, payment card data, and bank account information is safe.  So, there’s your silver lining.

Yahoo! says they updated the initial breach after receiving “new intelligence” about the hack.  That’s because there’s several class action knocking on their doors right now.  Shareholders and Yahoo account holders alike filed the suits.

The primary concern is that Yahoo! used outdated, easy-to-crack encryption on their services.  Academic experts recently backed up that accusation.

So, while the lawsuits head onto the courtroom, it begs to ask that if hackers didn’t disturb anyone’s financial data, what are they suing for?

Emotional distress?  People afraid that a hacker knows all their strange and wonderful passwords?  Then again, if someone uses the same user name and password for literally every account…

Either way, Yahoo! is in serious trouble for obscuring the truth for four years.  It should be interesting watching them fight against those class-action lawsuits in court.   I’m pretty sure they’ll have to fight against several more thanks to this new tidbit, too.

Do you still use their email service?  Will you keep using it after hearing about this?


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