I thought I’ve heard of all the scary, haunted or abandoned houses or towns in Connecticut. But this one is new to me:

Gay City, Hebron, Connecticut 

What makes it creepy?

1. There’s a very old cemetery in the park marking the burials of the Gay Family who founded the city.

2. In 1811, this place was thriving with mills, shops, homes and a distillery. But over a few decades, the textile mill burned down, twice. The town never recovered.  You can still see some of the remains of the abandoned mills, and stone foundations. Uggh, shivers.

3. A bunch of very gruesome murders occurred here.  People claim the ghosts of the murdered jewelry salesman and the beheaded apprentice of a blacksmith haunt this park. More recently, a kid drowned in the lake here. No word yet if he haunts the woods here too.


Too scared to visit in person? Check out this walking tour: 




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