Bacon.  Egg.  Cheese.

If you are anything like me, you may have had a night (or six) recently where you over indulged and woke up with a wicked hangover.  Some people swear that chugging Gatorade and six Advil will help, others believe that Sprite soda has some magical ingredient- Not me.  I jump (okay, slowly climb) into my car and drive myself to Pauli’s Deli in Norwalk and get a big, fat, Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich on a hard roll. … and a Snapple.  That’s when I realized that Connecticut has a TON of places that make bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches but the question is- Who has the best?  I will be the first to say that this list is biased based on my personal opinion and input from reviewers and star ratings on and Yelp!. Please, please, please feel free to add your coveted hotspot for the gooey hangover deliciousness at the bottom of this blog.  After all, we’ve all had that morning where all we need is grease to “coat our stomachs”.


10.  Tom’s Restaurant, Wallingford, Connecticut

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.24.57 PM



9. Redding Ridge Market, Redding, Connecticut

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8. Bagelman, Brookfield, Connecticut

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.31.30 PM


7. Beach Donut Shop, Clinton, Connecticut

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6. Harborview Market, Bridgeport, Connecticut

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5.  Country Cow Deli, Fairfield, Connecticut

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4. Hannah’s Kitchen, Stratford, Connecticut

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3.  Mr. Mac’s Canteen, Milford, Connecticut

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2.  Pauli’s Deli, Norwalk, Connecticut

This is where my own review comes in- It’s a classic.  Sure, do I like to get fancy every once and a while and put brie on Bacon, Egg and Cheeses?  Yes- but there is certainly something to be said about the perfection that is the original.  Big plus for Pauli’s for also having some of the best bagels around.  If you’re feeling cray-zy, get it on an everything bagel- Or if you’re like me and pretending to be on a diet, a whole wheat wrap is also amazing.


1.  The SoNo Baking Company and Cafe, South Norwalk, Connecticut

Perfection.  The bread here is out of this world, so I would never think about trying to put my Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on an old Portuguese roll here- Oh no… fresh flaky croissants, fresh artisan breads- The options are ridiculous and the food is incredible.  This is worth the drive.  It’s also the only place in the world that I feel the need to get a pastry/cookie/brownie/all three immediately following my breakfast.


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