Tuesdays can be rough. You got that Monday hangover, which is even more depressing than that weekend hangover. You just realize you’re even more tired than you originally thought. ANYWAY! This will make you feel better FOR SURE. You know when you go to fancy schmancy art museums and they have that special barrier around the painting so people can’t even BREATHE on it. Well, it seems like this barrier actually worked against the whole point of saving the art. It was working against this one kid, at least.

Nothing says, “oops” more than tripping and punching a priceless work of art. You can see the kid realizing his doom in this video. As soon as his fist slams on the picture, it looks like he has the same reaction as the Captain of the Titanic did when they hit that iceberg (“Ugh I’M SO SCREWED”).

See? Your Tuesday rocks!

Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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