Is it just me, or do these people who push the panic buttons do it just for funsies?  You know, just to torture us little folk?  Because another false warning happened again.  But instead of another missile, it was a tsunami.

NBC reports that residents on the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean woke up to a tsunami warning this morning.  To many, it looked legit, which created some panic.  Especially to those in the Caribbean.

Hey, those poor people are still trying to recover from Hurricane Maria.  The last thing those poor people need is a tsunami.

A while later, officials called the alert a test and urged the public not to panic.  But, even worse, the National Weather Service took to TWITTER to announce that!

Instead of, you know, issuing a phone-relayed correction?


The NWS says they don’t know what happened but say they’ll get to the bottom of it.   Officials say a possible glitch during a routine tsunami test could have triggered the alert.

Nice to know that a simple failure in their system could possibly trigger mass panic.  Then again, that’s only a theory.  So, the guessing game continues over how two serious test alerts were mistakenly transmitted in the span of a month.

After, you know, years of that not happening at all?

I blame human error.  That’s what happened the last time.

The NWS says they didn’t issue the alert, but implicated a private sector company and the AccuWeather App.

But, AccuWeather said they clearly stated that the alert was only a test and not the real deal.

Did you see the alert on your phone?  Does anyone have a screenshot of this delicious error?

Lastly, do you think this is just the 2nd in a series of “mistakenly” sent test alerts?  You know, because conspiracy theorists say this is the Illuminati trying to desensitize us to an actual threat.  Just wondering…

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