This hurts my heart.  Although it sounds naive, I can’t believe people this terrible actually exist.

Please help Stamford Police locate this man who engaged a man with Autism in conversation.  Then when the man excitedly showed him the money that his family had given him for his birthday, he “playfully” took it away from him.  He then pretends to return the money to the man’s pocket, gives him and hug and runs off… like a coward.  Because he never returned the money.  He stole it from him.  The man with Autism never knew what happened.  Luckily it was all caught on tape and happened at Veterans Park in Stamford.

Do the right thing.  If you know this heartless jerk, call the police.  I could go on an endless tirade about the things I hope happens to him in jail- but I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out what I’m thinking.

Stamford Police: 203-977-4417


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