I am chocolate’s #1 fan.  If chocolate was a person, I would take a bullet for them.  That’s how hardcore my love for this milky sugary treat runs… very very deep.

So, when OnlyInYourState claimed they narrowed down the list of Connecticut’s top chocolate makers, I was a little skeptic.  Getting into the top 5 is a very prestigious honor.  Plus there are many chocolatiers who are so deserving to make this list.

I mean, I haven’t met a candy bar I didn’t like, so I was curious to see how they managed to rank some of the state’s best delectable makers.

And, yes, I’ve been to them all.   But I shall refrain from commenting on the ranking, for that is up to you, dear CT Boom reader.  Have at it.

Did this list get it right?  Or… did OIYS get it very VERY wrong.

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