The Big E 2014 wrapped up yesterday and if you were so silly as to not make it at least one day I feel bad for you. Not only is The Big E a New England staple but there is some of the best bad-for-you food to be had. Not to mention the people watching! I know I dressed for comfort and not fashion.

Here is a list of the items my friends and I ate on our visit.
-Gravy Fries
-Fried PB Sandwich
-Fried PB and Banana
-Fried Cheddar
-Cheese Curds
-Hot Dogs
-Fried Dough
-Fried Kool-Aid
-Fried Butter
-Fried Jelly Beans
-Fried Lasagna
-Lobster Roll
– Maple Cotton Candy
-Kettle Corn
-Soft Pretzels
-Corn Dogs
-Steak & Cheese

And that is just what I can remember. Sadly, I missed the giant turkey leg and fried Oreos. Maybe next year. What was your favorite treat at The Big E?

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