One of the most aggravating things about grocery shopping is checking out. Especially if you just have a few items and want to get in and out. You have to deal with people who have too many items, or don’t exactly know how to navigate the self-checkout system, can’t remember the alphabet to ring in their produce, or are just plain slow.

It can really bring out the devil in us…like what happened to this guy in Stratford. 


So, maybe stores like Stop & Shop should implement some rules and maybe incentives to speed up the lines. Here are some ideas:


Timed checkout lines: At the beginning of your checkout session, the clock starts. Your grocery store card that you swipe at the beginning not only keeps tracks of the items you buy, but it records your times. You’ll earn points everytime you beat your time from the shopping trip before, or if you beat the times of other shoppers with the similar amount of items that week. There could even be special days where you earn extra points if you can checkout in under 2 minutes or another specified time.The points can be used for gas like Stop & Shop does or for big discounts in the store. Imagine how quick everyone will be when it’s a competition and you get something out of it!


More items-More Fees: If the sign says 12 items or less, than here’s a way to enforce it. You add $1 to each item over the first 12 items scans.


Self Checkout Certification: Before you can even have the privilege of being able to use the self checkout line, you must be certified. Can’t figure out how to ring in your antipasto from the olive bar? Then, the self checkout line is not for you until you learn how it’s done. Don’t know which kind of apples you got? Sorry–use the employed cashier, we don’t have time for you to figure out if you got the Gala or Granny Smith. There are two ways to earn your certification. You can take a quick course offered at the grocery store or if you think you know what you’re doing, you go right to the exam phase. And people over 65 years old have to take the exam every few years to keep their certification (like what we SHOULD do with drivers licenses).






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