You’ve probably heard by now that Connecticut is inching its way toward a new casino being built somewhere up north by the Massachusetts border.

The reason behind all of this is to keep gambling dollars, casino jobs, and all the economic benefits here in Connecticut as our neighbors to the north build their own gaming facility just on the other side of the border in Springfield. And, depending on how you feel about this whole saga, Connecticut just got some good or bad news.

The latest is that Connecticut’s government does not care one way or another about what impact this casino will actually have on the state, it just knows we need it.

That’s the message our lawmakers sent when, according to WWLP News, they voted against a study that would look into “what the third casino would mean for the state.”

On the one hand, that doesn’t exactly sound like responsible governance. On the other hand, Massachusetts is moving full speed ahead with their casino and it’s pretty clear we have some catching up to do. So go ahead, just start building the darn thing already.

Frankly, with two casinos already in our state, I’m pretty sure we can figure out what a new one will mean for the surrounding areas. If we can’t, we may have bigger problems that the ongoing casino competition with the Bay State.

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