First of all, Dunkin Donuts Park got off on a really lousy foot.  CT Boom certainly helped chronicle every stadium setback and slight. But, it appears the bad PR is finally over.

No, seriously.  This is awesome news.

WTNH reports that Dunkin Donuts Park is officially the top ballpark in America.  Well, best Double-A ballpark in America.  Whatever that means.  But, we’ll take it.  Oh, we’ll so take it.

After losing an entire season season, contractors flipping out, and racking up an insane bill, all that pain seems to have been worth it in the end.

Because you can’t put a price tag on earning this national recognition.   It comes with amazing bragging rights.

Then again.  Someone could have stuffed Baseball Digest‘s online poll.  That also could have happened.  But, it might have been hard considering 178,000 people voted.

Also, we squared off against a team named Peoples Natural Gas Field in the semi-finals.  So, I guess there’s that might have helped us in the end.  Maybe.

But, that didn’t stop Baseball Digest from laying on the praise.  Publisher Kevin Reichard wrote:

“The Yard Goats front office persevered during a rough 2016 season and never wavered from a commitment to creating the best possible fan experience. That commitment to fans helped Dunkin’ Donuts Park snare a great honor in a highly competitive field.”

The Yard Goat’s stadium win is a first in history, too.  This is the first time a new facility has won any of their online polls.

So, on top of selling out almost every game, the stadium can now proudly display a new well-deserved national honor.   Congrats, guys!

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