Wait… hold up.  Is this for real?  Because if someone gave me the opportunity to win free McDonald’s ice cream for life, I’d run after it on all fours.  Like a pack animal.  Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity?  You’d be insane not to!

WFSB reports that we all have a shot at free ice cream for life coming up this Sunday.   So, if you love McDonald’s as much as I do, that’s the place you need to be.  Seriously, nothing can compare with their amazingly delicious vanilla ice cream.  Or their sundaes.

If you have the McDonald’s app, you’re already ahead of the competition.  If you don’t have the app, get on it.  Because it’s free and super convenient.  It basically hooks you up with secret deals all day long.  What’s not to love about it?

Next, you need to grab yourself a soft serve ice cream cone at McDonald’s on Sunday.  Because Sunday is National Ice Cream Day.

And you’ll automatically get a free soft serve vanilla ice cream coupon over the McD’s app.  But it’ll only be available on Sunday.  So, if you happen to be the lucky recipient of the “Golden Arches” cone, you win free soft serve for life!

So, be sure to visit your local McD’s on the weekend to win the ultimate prize.  Basically, if you win, you immediately become the coolest person in your group of friends.

Also, if you win, you automatically become my friend, too.  I mean, that’s a prize in itself.   Just sayin’.

What would you do with a lifetime supply of McDonald’s ice cream?  Because you have a real shot of winning it very soon!



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