Joe, you stud.

This has to be the best day of Joe Furey’s television career so far right? Especially after getting so much backlash from everyone these past few weeks after he and his fellow CT “Weatherpersons” misread that dud of a blizzard, then more snow than we thought hitting us this week. This is truly a great way to close it all out. A big bear hug from Maggie Slysz, arguably the hottest woman on TV in Connecticut, to celebrate Weatherperson’s Day.

So Joe, you can consider us extremely jealous. But you know what? You deserve it.

How about the even better side storyline drama of Maggie the new young hot blood stealing the thunder right out from under Rachel Lutzker. Who apparently baked Joe a cake for this special day EIGHT years ago?! Then dropped the ball this year. That cake could have been the most delicious cake ever baked and this Maggie hug just erased any memory of it from Joe’s mind.

Now, I was already thinking Joe had won today  by landing a hug from Maggie, but think about this. Joe now has BOTH of these women on FOX CT fighting over him every Weatherpersons Day for years to come.

Who will step up their Joe Love game next year?!

Only time will tell. Well played, Joe.


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