One of the biggest break out comedians of our time comes to Foxwoods on June 9th.  Already, you have a reason to grab tickets to see T.J. Miller.

But, if you need some more convincing, don’t worry.  I got you covered.

So, I’ve been a fan of T.J. Miller since the start of 2012 and it’s pretty amazing to see just how far this guy has come since then. Not just as a comedian, but as an actor, too.

I first learned of Miller on a YouTube channel run by Ray William Johnson. On a show called =3.  (If, you know, anyone needed proof that I’m telling the truth.)  Basically, the show reviewed viral videos.  It was way ahead of its time, seriously.

Okay, shush.  I admit my faults. I have seen the light, my friends.  Judgement shall not shame what college Meg once enjoyed.  If you must judge me, judge the fact that I reached for the Keystone Light back in the day.  I think that’s way more of a party foul.

Anyways, back to when Miller filled in on =3.  He started off his guest appearance with a litany of self-depreciation jokes about his face, which were, honestly, absolutely incredible and descriptive.  Because he said it all in a straight face and a monotone voice.  I became an instant fan after that.

He also doled out some tremendous punchlines, too, which definitely helped.

But, lots has changed for Miller since 2012. Cloverfield aside, he went from playing Ranger Jones on the easily forgettable (and somewhat cringe-worthy) Yogi Bear 3D, to teaming up with Hollywood’s behemoth, Disney, for Big Hero 6 and Deadpool.   You know, because Disney owns Marvel?

But the characters he played happened to all be extensions of himself?  As if the parts were written just for him.

Anyways, he then took his career a step further when he partnered up with HBO for Silicon Valley, which scored him a Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor.  The show’s in its 3rd season so if you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you catch up.

Plus, his podcast,  “Cashing in with T.J. Miller,” is entertaining as heck.  If you have 45 minutes or so to kill, now you have a suggestion on what to do with that down time.  So if you’re curious about what kind of brand of humor he styles, the podcast is a pretty good introductory course besides YouTube videos of him chatting it up with Conan, Kimmel, and DeGeneres.

But, the one thing that really makes me respect T.J. Miller as a stand up comic is that is the fact that I can look back at his old material and still laugh my butt off.  By that, I mean, his brand of comedy has aged extremely well.  Because it works.  The jokes don’t solely  rely on cultural references to be funny, if you need an example.

And he spent years perfecting his routine.

I’ve seen my fair share of comics cater to the pressure of doing stunts or shock humor to gain more attention.  Or, you know, those who do that whole dreaded “selling out” thing.   Kinda nice that Miller just kept doing his thing this entire time.

So, you can say T.J. Miller has that integrity that makes a comedian great.   Or, anyone in Hollywood for the matter.

His career naturally progressed to the next step and I say he earned his audience/fan base.  Because he’s genuinely funny and unique.  He maintained his awkward, cynical, and self-depreciation-laced brand of comedy, which makes him stand out.  Plus, his jokes are realistic and absolutely hilarious.  Also, his facial expressions are absolutely crazy hilarious.

So if you want to go to a comedy show where the comic actually invites you to laugh at himself, then this is the show for you.  Click HERE to grab your tickets before they’re gone!

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