Winter has arrived here in Connecticut and is going hard right at us this week. Despite the single digit temps last night and waking up to the teens this morning just remember that 10 degrees is straight up balmy compared to some of the coldest days in our state’s history.

Feb. 16, 1943 – temps fell to 32 degrees below zero in Falls Village in the Northwest Hills.

Jan. 22, 1961 – In Northeastern Connecticut up near Coventry that 32 below record was actually tied.

Jan. 22, 1984 – Danbury recorded the coldest temperatures in over three decades when it was -20 according to National Weather Service data at the airport.

That same January day in 1984 Bridgeport‘s lowest temperature was minus 7. The city’s lowest temp since 1948.

So consider yourself lucky that the temperature today is actually ABOVE zero. It could be much worse.



(Via CTNews & National Weather Service)

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