She may have stepped out of politics, but she’ll share an intimate look of her life on the campaign trail.  Hillary Clinton will step off in CT for two book signings.  One’s for this weekend, and the other’s later next month.

NBC Connecticut reports that Hillary Clinton will be at the Costco in Brookfield on the 16th at noon.  There, she’ll sign copies of her new memoir, “What Happened.”   The book is out now, so be sure to secure your copy now.  However, she’ll also sell copies of her book this weekend.  So, no need to worry if you can’t get your hands on one.

It’ll be interesting to hear her speak about her experiences as one of the few women who ran for president.  Sure, she’s not the first woman to do that, but she is the first to secure a major party nomination.

Say what you will about Clinton and her ethics, it’s still a major accomplishment.  And her achievement will inspire the next generation of politicians.  Perhaps, we may even see the first woman president in our lifetime.  And, that road was paved pretty well by Clinton’s campaign.

Her campaign also proved something else; Americans are less trusting of politicians in this era of information.  That’s what made Donald Trump so attractive.  While Clinton opened the door for women, Trump opened the door for political outsiders to run for the world’s highest office.

You can’t deny that the 2016 elections were anything but remarkable.  It’s nothing the nation has ever seen before.  Sometimes, it even came across like a circus in the headlines.  Which, sometimes made me think, “Is this real life?  Is this actually happening right now?”

Either way, the history books will remember Hillary Clinton as the first woman to run for President under a major party ticket.  Or, the first woman who actually had a chance at the Oval Office.

Shush, I heard you Jill Stein supporters.  When the Green Party finally manages to collect over 10% of the national vote, then you can speak.

Anyways, from an objective standpoint, the way her political rivals and the media treated her will be a common classroom discussion from here on out.  I’m serious, if you want to start a debate on a politician, she’s the new go-to.

Her political campaign will inspire a myriad of thesis papers, college courses, and even textbooks.  Even if you’re an ardent critic of her, she is one of the most polarizing figures in politics.  And you can equally argue she lost either because she’s a woman or because of her political career/choices.

Long story short, this isn’t the last time you’ll hear of Hillary Clinton.  She’s been etched into our history and will be brought up time and time again for years to come.

So, if you want to go meet her, the address is: 200 Federal Road in Brookfield.  Get there early, though.  It’s gonna be a madhouse.

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