Before you call Hillary out for jumping on the Huskies bandwagon, she did book her upcoming trip to Connecticut back in January when UCONN President Susan Herbst notified the staff via an email that Hillary Clinton will be visiting the campus to speak this spring.

Well the time has come. Hillary will be on campus at UCONN a week from today at 7:30pm.

Her speech will be followed by a Q&A session. Oh yes! SO MANY questions! Most importantly, will there be ANOTHER show thrower?!



This will be the first time Hillary has ever visited UCONN.

A lot of pundits are saying that Hillary has catapulted past Gov. Christie for the 2016 presidential race due to all of Christie’s recent “bridge” troubles. Though, the 2016 race is still a ways down the road. Two years is a long time. Anything can happen, especially in the Clinton world.

The most interesting part of this Hillary visit to UCONN  is how much she will be hauling in. The New York Times has reported that she takes home $200,000 a speech. WHAT?! Seems like a high number. I’m sure there are a few other things ahead of a Hillary Speech that UCONN could use the $200,000 for. Right?

Either way, should be an exciting event next week. As long as everyone keeps their shoes on.


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