With the Connecticut presidential primaries closing in fast, the political action in our (relatively) small state is ramping up.

In recent weeks, we’ve been slammed with a never-ending slate of political ads, we’ve seen visits from major candidates in John Kasich and Donald Trump, and we’ve seen the campaign signs going up in droves.

The point is, if you’re not ready for some hot political action, you better run and hide because there’s no way to avoid it out in the world. And soon, things are going to get cranked up to 11 because the next major candidate will be stopping in Connecticut this week.

Hillary Clinton is expected to make an appearance in Connecticut on Thursday to discuss a number of issues, including gun violence, according to NBC Connecticut. The time and location of the event is still TBD, but I can tell you one thing: It’s going to be nuts.

After two presidential campaigns of watching another Democrat take the nomination while Hillary waited in the wings, her supporters are itching for their shot at the big time.

Sure, they might not have that special, truly insane quality that Trump’s supporters do, but they are just as passionate about their candidate. Expect lots of yelling, cheering, thrusting of Hillary signs, and (if anyone mentions Bernie Sanders) some anger.

The point is, you should probably watch this thing from a distance. Sure, it’ll be entertaining and the biggest spectacle the state sees this week, but if you get too close you’re likely to get caught up in the action. And once that happens, you can kiss your Thursday goodbye. Once you’re in a political rally, there’s no escaping without the scorn of dozens of people and a hefty dose of public shame.

So whenever this thing happens on Thursday, stay back. We’ll bring the binoculars.

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