Hockey has had a hard time in the USA. It is constantly #4 behind the NBA, MLB and the mighty NFL. This is despite being superior to those three. Hockey combines speed, skill and strength in to a gracefully violent cacophony of athleticism. Yet it is still misunderstood by most Americans. Is it the rules? Icing isn’t any more complicated than encroachment is in the NFL. Sports fans love big hits and hockey has them in droves. Perhaps it is the low scores? Some baseball games mirror the final score of hockey games.

So what is it that makes it difficult for US sports fans to accept hockey? I am guessing it is the speed of the game. If you never played hockey and are trying to take in a game the experience can be overwhelming because it moves so quickly. Slapshots fly faster than a fastball, players mover faster than a wide receiver and aside from penalties/goals/puck stoppages the game is constantly flowing. No built-in breaks to call plays or even swap players. You do it all during the flow of the game.

A few years back the FOX tried to dumb down the game enough for the average person to keep up. Of course, it didn’t work and was widely mocked.

These days the NHL is posting videos to YouTube that were shot in slow motion so you can see all the action your slow brain can’t process in real time and they are awesome. If you aren’t a hockey fan watch this video and realize what you are missing. You will soon be buying a Whalers jersey and screaming for the NHL to return to CT.



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