Hide your kids and hide your wives, because they’re swimming through our rivers…

If a photo is worth a thousand words, it’s all curses.  DEEP is on alert after a concerned Suffield resident snapped some images of what appears to be an alligator lying on the banks of the Connecticut River.  For those who are curious, WFSB obtained the photos and put them together in a convenient slideshow.

First and foremost though, no one should panic because the alligator was dead.  Still, this whole situation begs to ask: how the HECK did it get here?  Connecticut is not the idea vacation spot for these cold blooded creatures.  Nor do we have the climate for them.

WFSB reports that the state does have a partial ban on exotic pets, which extends to crocodiles and alligators.  The gator could have been someone’s companion as easily as it could have come from the wild at this point because no one knows where it came from.

DEEP is investigating the photos and their credibility.  Hopefully we’ll start getting answers soon.

UPDATEWe’ve been punk’d.  Turns out the alligator was STUFFED.   Such a great prank!!

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