As a kid, you were always reminded to always return the books you checked out at the library, and not to forget, lest you pay the dreaded late fees!

Normally, this would instill fear of having to pay money that you really didn’t had to a place you really didn’t know what they did with it, but not for one New Jersey man.

“The Family Book of Verse” was the book in question that Harry Krame checked out of his local library at age 13.

That’s all well and good, except that Harry is now 65 years old and just found the book! 19,000 days translates to over half a century later is when he went to return it.

Now, if we are going by the standard “10 cent rule” where every day you get charged an additional ten cents for not bringing your book back- Mr. Krame would owe about $2,000.


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