It really is the end of an era.   For those who love decorating their homes with quality curtains, you will soon have to go elsewhere.  Because Country Curtains will cease to exist by year’s end.

I found out the horrible news during their iconic Rink Sale in Lee, MA over the weekend.  The revelation caused my mother to clutch her chest and gasp.  The lady behind us in line shouted, “No!”

Because who thought this would ever happen?  Hence why the company’s keeping pretty quiet about it.

Unfortunately though, the news grows even gloomier.  The closure means 360 people will soon be without jobs.

Country Curtains currently has 19 stores spanning the Tri-state area and beyond.  However, when it comes to satellite or affiliate locations, that number grows even larger. So, this closure affects several state economies.

Sadly, Country Curtains cites mounting online competition as their main reason for shutting down their operations.  They lost $3.5 million in 2015 and an additional $5 million in 2016.  As for 2017, they expect to lose an additional $5 million.

Company execs told MassLive they tried to modernize the brand, but they weren’t able to keep up with digital retail.  They couldn’t beat Amazon and Wayfare’s free shipping or deep discounts.

Despite the quality of the products, people still would rather save money and time.

True, online shopping revolutionized the way people spend their money, but it also ushered in what we know as the Retail Apocalypse.  Retail juggernauts, like Sports Authority and The Limited, couldn’t compete with the online marketplace and closed.  Soon, Country Curtains will join them.

Country Curtains, currently has a factory in Avon, along with retail space in Greenwich, Guilford, and Old Saybrook.  The company formerly had locations in South Windsor and Westport, too.

The company’s shareholders set to vote on October 4th whether or not to shut down the company.  If shareholders vote against shuttering measures, the company will look into other ways to dissolve.

Either way, liquidation sales should start relatively soon.  So, if you need to decorate that room of yours with fancy new curtains and blinds, time’s running out.

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