I love the whole concept of this video. First of all, we get to see how awful and awkward dating can be. “I’m pretty well rounded, actually,” says one of the dates… Big eye roll on that statement. Also, I love how some of the guys are playing the role of back seat driving-an annoyance that I have had to deal with on a date as well. Hey buddy! If you wanted to drive, you should’ve! Anyway, back to the video. It’s awesome. And hilarious. And everything you imagine and more. Also- the woman is gorgeous so it just makes her revealing these amazing stunt driving talents all the more better.

I wish I had some kind of talent I could reveal on a date. Because “Hey- look at me get drunk” just isn’t working anymore- or did it ever really?

Favorite part of the video? Poor guy almost crying and whimpering: “WHY ARE WE GOING SO FAST!?”. Enjoy!

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