Spring is here and its terrible wacky weather continues to jerk us around in circles.  First, we saw sunny skies and balmy temperatures in the 70s.  Next thing we know, it’s suddenly rainy and chilly.   Sadly, the never ending merry-go-round of “yay” and “blah” weather will stick around for a couple more weeks.   But, will summer be the same?

Thankfully, no.

In fact, summer is on par to be the total opposite.  So, hooray for consistency!

Anyways, the National Weather Service are promising a pretty decent summer forecast.  By that, I mean, us ladies can comfortably break out the super-short summer dresses again.  Because it seems like we’re in store for another summer scorcher.

Moreover, we’re looking at above normal temperatures all the way through September.  It’ll actually be hotter than last year.

It looks like those living along the shoreline will be dealing with 80+ degree weather all summer.  It’s crazy because there were only 18 days above 80 last year.

Also, the shoreline averaged around 76 degrees last summer.  The hottest it ever got in CT was 95 degrees on August 13th.

In addition, CT saw only six above 90-degree days. Again, all in August, which shattered a few records because the humidity made each day feel far worse.

Who remembers when it felt like it was 110 outside?  I sure do.  Because the central air at the office kinda kicked the bucket during one of those super-hot days.  Fun times.

So, as for this year?  We’ll probably see way more perfect hot and sunny beach days.  However, that depends on whether the humidity behaves itself.

In addition, the state won’t be experiencing a super-dry season, either.  In fact, rain levels will remain normal.  That, and, the drought should clear up sometime between now and the start of fall.

So, that’s pretty awesome news to hear.  Sure, it means we’ll be dusting off the umbrellas a bit more than seasons’ past, but it’ll be worth it in the end.  Who wants to deal with another irrigation ban and angry letters in the mail from the water utility?

Yeah, I thought so.

Lastly, with the shift in weather patterns, a few forecasters are already turning their attention towards hurricane season.  We should be getting their official prediction sometime around late May.

In the meantime, you should probably work on that beach bod.  You’ll be needing it.



Via Greenwich Time

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