Wow, the bad news won’t stop coming.  It’s almost like that Smash Mouth song at this point when it comes to  weather reports.  Especially when it’s about our upcoming horrific winter.

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Darien Daily Voice reports that two 200+ year weather predictors say this winter will be rougher than last year’s.  As previously reported, the Old Farmer’s Almanac promises tons of snow.  As for cold weather, they say we’ll catch a break this year and deal with milder temperatures.

OFA Winter Weather 2017-2018 USA

For a publication that’s been around since 1792, they obviously know what they’re talking about.  I hope.

Meanwhile, another old weather predictor says otherwise.  The Farmers’ Almanac, who’s been around since 1818, promises a more “normal” winter.  However, they did mention that we’ll have to deal with slightly colder and snowier weather.

However, we can’t rule out the weird weather we dealt with all spring and summer.  With all the rain soaking in for several months, I’m sure the “snow” portion of these predictions should be taken seriously.

But, as for colder weather, I would make a hard pass on it considering October’s in store for above normal temperatures.  Still, don’t hang up the heavy winter coats just yet.

No one can really tell just how bad the winds will be this winter.  And they determine if a mild day will feel like -20 outside.   So, I’d keep an eye on those whipping winds before venturing outside on a snowy winter day.

Either way, the Farmer’s and Old Farmer’s Almanac agree on how much snow we’ll see this year.  As for temperatures, they say it can go either way.

Thankfully, neither almanac mentions anything about a cold snap.  Hopefully we don’t have to deal with a surprise -16 day like we did back in February 2016.  (I remember that day “fondly” because I did a Polar Plunge that day.  And got frost bite on my feet.  Fun times.)

But, it’s still too early to tell if we’ll see a White Christmas this year.  With a promised snowy season, I’d say we have a definite shot at finally having one!

Anyways, what’s your official winter prediction?   Also, did anyone else learn just now that there’s TWO Farmer’s Almanacs or is it just me?

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