We want Tesla! We want Tesla!

The future is nigh, why fight it?  GM needs to get with the program already.

For the 2nd year in a row, Connecticut residents will have to jump through extra hoops to get their their hands on a Tesla vehicle.  General Motors successfully lobbied and blocked a bill, named SB3, that would allow Tesla to directly sell their products to consumers.

Well, that doesn’t sound too bad, right?  We just have to go through a state dealership to get one, then.

Nope.  Finding a dealership in Connecticut that sells Tesla cars is like stumbling across a unicorn that poops gold coins like an unholy slot machine.

The closest dealerships are in Massachusetts and New York.

So the story goes, according to Electrek, Tesla has been trying to pass a bill that allows them to cut out the middleman when making a sale.  It’s a unique model that impresses everyone but the car industry.

Tesla says GM is trying to shut them out of a competitive electric car market, citing that GM is currently trying to build a rival product.  Meanwhile, GM says that all car makers should abide by the same rules when it comes to selling their products.

They do bring up a valid point, as Tesla’s business model could be considered unfair competition by forcing franchise dealerships to directly compete with the manufacturer.

The business model allowing a manufacturer to sell directly to the public is banned in Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Connecticut, Utah and West Virginia.

This battle will go to court again next year, or even sooner, since there’s word that Tesla plans to go directly to federal court to make their business dreams come true.

Tesla is also planning on finally opening a distribution center in the state, that would bring about 270 jobs, in order to sweeten the deal of allowing direct sales.

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