Last week, we got hit with a minor heat wave. Actually, it wasn’t so much the heat, it was the humidity (isn’t that how it always is?) – but it was enough to force most of us to use an air conditioner for the first time this year.

We’ve had a nice break this week, with the rain cooling things off. But with summer officially right around the corner, we all know that it’s gonna be bad very soon.

But how bad does it have to be really bad for Connecticut? Obviously, if you hear that it’s 100 degrees outside, you know that’s gonna be too hot. What about 95? Is that *too hot*?

Well the Weather Channel came in with the answer. They polled residents to find out when we think it’s officially too hot outside. And for Connecticut, it’s 90 degrees.

That actually makes us pretty tough. Of all the New England states, we have the highest temperature we’re comfortable in. The entire average for the northeast is 88 degrees, which is where New Hampshire and Maine draw the line at too hot. For New York, it’s 87 degrees.

And we’re so much better than Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Those wusses think that once it hits 85, it’s time to start crying.

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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