Ah, finally, some sunshine in the forecast for more than two days this week!  It feels like a dream come true. However, will it last and, if so, for how long?  More importantly: what does our Memorial Day Weekend look like?

Well, it looks like a mixed bag at this point.

Stamford Daily Voice reports that thunderstorms might kick down our collective doors this weekend.  And, along with thunder and lightning, they’ll bring heavy rain.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Paul Pastelok sums up our Memorial Day Weekend weather up best:

“However, increased humidity and tropical moisture working up the coast, combined with an approaching cold front, can dampen later Saturday into Monday.  At some point, there may be several hours of steady to heavy rainfall for parts of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England.”

Thankfully, the forecast could change as it is still early in the week.  As of right now, we have a 40 percent chance that these thunderstorms will hit us Memorial Day Weekend.

Which, honestly, if they hit… yeah, it would suck.  We are honestly so very tired of the constant cloudy weather and rain storms.  Not only that, we still need to clean up the disaster from last week’s storms.

Simply put: we need a full weekend of sun.  Anyone remember the last time we actually had a sunny weekend?  Anyone?

Yeah, we always had maybe one good day per week while the other day whipped out the cold and wet weather.   Also, we still have to break out the heavy coats once in awhile.

Even though it’s May.

Like, what gives Mother Nature?

Hopefully, she decides to give us a much needed break for Memorial Day Weekend.  We always turn to this holiday as the unofficial start of the summer.

We also use this holiday as an unofficial guide of how the summer weather will be.

So, if we see another batch of rain and stormy weather, we figure that’ll be our reality all summer long.

Either way, even if we do experience a rumble of thunder, that won’t slow down the amount of people planning on traveling on the three day weekend. In fact, this weekend will see the largest amount of travelers in history.

41.5 million Americans plan on vacationing 50 or so miles away from home this year.   Weather aside,  rising gas prices also failed to leave a dent in the overwhelming amount of travelers.

Maybe people figure if gas prices are going to explode, they might as well wiggle in one good outing before they go under voluntary house arrest this summer.

However, if we see crappy weather, expect equally crappy coworkers the following Tuesday.  Because, honestly, if this weekend is honestly serving as everyone’s only outing of the season, you know people will be extremely PO’d.

So, fingers crossed this weekend will remain warm and sunny, like tomorrow’s forecast.  We should enjoy sunny weather all the way up to Saturday, but that’s when things might become dicey.  But, since it’s still too early to tell, we’ll just pretend we don’t see that threat of thunderstorms until we can’t possibly ignore it anymore.

What are you planning on doing this Memorial Day Weekend?  Will this be your only outing this summer or do you have future plans?

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