How Many People Does It Take To Steal a Moped?

How Many People Does It Take To Steal a Moped?
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The answer to the above question is apparently three.  It takes three stupid teenagers to stead multiple mopeds.  Everyone knows that you can’t just steal one moped, you need multiple.

In the most WTF?! story of the day, three teenagers, one being a juvenile, were arrested in New London for stealing two mopeds… at gunpoint.  Allegedly, the three teens followed a person on their moped while they drove in a car.  Then they pulled over the moped, stole it and had the underage kid drive off with it while the other two took off in the car.  Then later, they approached another person on a moped in a Wendy’s parking lot and stole that one too.

First of all, why are there so many people with mopeds in New London?  Second, why did these teens find it so necessary to steal so many mopeds?  Is there a high demand for mopeds in Connecticut? Lastly, why does it take three people to steal one moped?

18-year-old Hassan Foster-Carney from Norwwich, 18 year-old Dwayne Miller of New London along with the unnamed underage kid were arrested.  The 18 year-olds were held on $50,000 bail, the kid went to a juvenile detention center.


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