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Care.com just released a study based on how current Millennial parents differ from the last generation.  While old parenting styles include terms like “helicopter parent” and “overprotective”, Care.com says that style of parenting is out- Independence is in.  Parents today are more likely to be laid back, let children make up their own minds, let them keep their own calendars, and basically let them be their own person. Groundbreaking!  Another break through is the kind of babysitters Millennial parents hire.  Care.com found that a majority of parents hire nannies and babysitters that have college degrees.  Being a 16-year-old high school student isn’t cutting it for most parents nowadays. In addition, it has become more commonplace to hire multiple nannies throughout the week to help with different jobs.  That means these college educated nannies also need to be available to do everything from dropping off little Jason at karate practice to wrapping Christmas presents. By doing this Millenials are hoping to stop the “we can do everything” mentality and use help to do the minor things in life so that they can actually be present for their children.

Also the terms “boy toys” and “girl toys” are diminishing as we transition into a parenting style that accepts and encourages everything to be gender neutral.

The way we parent doesn’t stop there with changes.  We are changing the way we name our children and have created a “hybrid” version of names.  For example, can’t decide whether to name your daughter after Aunt Helen or Grandpa Joe? Well, how about “Jolen”?  That incorporates both of their names.

As we are about to embark on 2016, parenting styles will change, but one thing remains the same- The love for our children.

Source: Care.com

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