I’m not a prostitute.  I’ve never wanted to be one.  I’ve watched enough movies and heard enough stories to figure out that they make a ton of money though.  I’d rather serve ice cream to screaming seven-year-olds than touch a loser who has to pay to get his kicks.  So gross.  Despite all of that, I’m curious.  How much do these women make?  I figure it has to be excellent money for them to be walking around with their heads held high and a Fendi bag on their shoulder.

So, a while back I interviewed strippers that worked at a Connecticut strip club.  I can’t say which strip club it was because the owner wouldn’t give consent for that article to be published.  I’ll just say by all accounts it’s considered a reputable adult entertainment facility… well, as far as strip clubs go.  I spoke with two of their girls who were actually very pretty.  Of course, they had on enough make up that they could also double as clowns in the Ringling Bros. Circus.  I had envisioned the average stripper to be heavier set, missing teeth and sound as though they had just graduated from pre-school.  These girls, not so much.  They were well spoken, had killer bodies and both understood that people looked down on them.  What I found that was really interesting was that they both traveled HOURS to Connecticut to dance.  (By the way, they prefer to be called dancers, not strippers.  Oops. It’s like the time I booked a 3 foot tall Elvis impersonator for my husband’s birthday party to distribute Jaegermeister shots.  His “manager” told me not to call him a midget and to refer to him as a little person.  These are the things you learn from trial and error.)  Anyway, they both travel from out of state so that they won’t be recognized.  Both have kids (of course).  I feel like every stripper dancer I’ve ever met has kids that they have to support on their own.  I think that’s a prerequisite to being an adult dancer.  So, the big question- How much do they make?  It depends on the night.  These ladies do about three shifts a week lasting a few hours.  During each shift they never make less than about $300 and they’ve made upwards of $1000 a shift.  They both say that the best “tip” they’ve ever gotten were $100 bills. Apparently if you’re a baller, you tip strippers (sorry, dancers) $100.  A bad week nets them about $900, a fantastic week $3000.  That’s pretty amazing for an average of 9-12 hours of work.  I would have to serve a lot of Rocky Road ice cream to snot nosed kids to make that kind of loot.

You tend to hold dancers in higher regard than street prostitutes.  Finding out how much “ladies of the night” (seriously, who says that?!) is a little bit more difficult.  Although I found it easy to pick up a phone and reach out to the dancers of that club (which, for the record, were really cool)- I couldn’t bring myself to drive the streets of Bridgeport and locate a hooker.  Sometimes I have to draw the line.  Luckily, there was an arrest made this past week in Stratford that shed some light on the situation.  A 28-year-old prostitute named Takara Gray who calls herself “Jezebel” was recently set up.  According to her ad (…and I was amazed that prostitutes actually advertise in publications) in Backpage.com, she is new to offering her services in Fairfield County but believes she will do well there.  She also claims that she is one New England’s premiere escorts.  A man called for her services and was stated that 1/2 hour of “work” would be $135 and a full hour would be $250.  You would also have to pay for her cab services.  When she got to the hotel and into the room, the guy setting her up texted police and she was arrested.  From random internet research (and by asking a few of the grossest guys I know), I’ve learned that some of the street walkers charge $20 for “not all the way” and $50 for more.  I’m assuming these are the women lacking teeth.

On the other end of the spectrum are the high-end call girls.  I haven’t been able to figure out how a lady becomes one of those besides being incredibly beautiful and very classy.  Jason Itzler was arrested in 2005 for his role in a high-end Manhattan brothel that serviced the richest of the city.  He said the average patron would book these women for 3 hours at a time and was between the ages of 40 and 50. The infamous Elliot Spitzer paid $4300 in cash for 22-year-old Ashely Dupre for a single outing at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC.  In a national study, these women can command $2000-$10,000 per HOUR.  I will never scoop enough Pralines and Cream ice cream to make that.

I guess what it comes down to is what you can afford.  If you’re poor, you can get the budget package.  Middle class?  It’s there for you too.  Have tons of money to spend?  Well, then you can get a 22-year-old 5 foot 5, 105 pound girl like Spitzer.  Or, you can just be able to sleep at night and dream of fudge and whip cream on your sundae- and not on your chest.


photo credit: (c) Fuse/Thinkstock

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