Bill Clinton has visited Westport five times over the last 18 years.  The reason? Money.  But you probably already guessed that.  The Clinton’s are familiar with Connecticut since both attended Yale Law School in New Haven.  Two of their biggest supporters reside in Westport too, major Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and financier Marc Lasry.  Check your email, invites went out today for an exclusive event to raise funds for Hillary’s campaign.

In case you did receive an invite to the fundraiser, don’t think you just have to show up with a bottle of White Zinfandel and a crock pot full of chili, nope, to attend alone will cost $2700 and if you buy two tickets (for you and a friend) you will get your picture taken with the former president.  This exclusive event will take place at an undisclosed location on April 21st.  Get all those coins out of your couch though, because if you raise $10,000 you can also get a “co-host” title and a pic with Bill Clinton.  No word on what finger foods will be served at this event.  We’re assuming they haven’t asked Chipotle to cater it at $2700 a head.  But if you sadly can’t afford that kind of contribution to smile awkwardly while Bill puts his arms around you like a promo photo, you can look forward to massive traffic! Hurray!

I wonder how much a selfie will cost…

Connecticut will have their chance at the polls coming up on April 26th during our presidential primary.



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