So, I had a dog named Preston who would lose his marbles during thunderstorms.  Sometimes, if he became too anxious, he’d collapse and have a seizure.  Fireworks, however, would make him seize every time.

If you own a dog that panics when loud noises go off, this is a difficult time for you.

Now until Labor Day, people will shoot off fireworks to celebrate summer.  Or just because they can.  Either way, it requires you to think creatively on how to keep your pet safe when things go boom in the night.

CBS Connecticut offered up several tips on how to help pet owners survive this span of time.

The best suggestion of all is, no matter how much of a hit your pet is at parties, if fireworks fly, your pet might, too.  Meaning, a spooked dog might tug at the leash and run off.   The 4th of July always becomes a “perfect storm” in terms of missing pets.

Even dogs tied up will do what they can to escape if they become spooked enough.  So, to save yourself the agony, leave Fido at home if loud noises scare him.  Dogs will run away from something that scares them because it’s a survival instinct.

But, if you disregard this advice and bring your dog anyway, and he does run off… there’s a few things you can do to help bring him home.  First, you alert your local police and shelters that your dog ran off.  Secondly, leave  the blanket your dog always sleeps on outside so they can pick up the scent.  It also helps if you leave something outside that smells like you.

Also, before any of this, make sure your dog has up to date ID.  If they run away and don’t have it, it’ll make a reunion that much harder.

But, let’s say you decide to leave your dog home so you reduce the risk of them breaking free and running away.  In this case, make sure you leave on some sort of background noise, like a TV or radio, for them.   It will help dull the noise and distract them a bit.

If your dog is an escape artist, make sure you leave them in a space they can’t easily wiggle out of.  The last thing you want is to come home to total chaos because Fido scrambled around to find a safe place to take cover.

Also, it might help to buy a Thundershirt.  It worked for Preston, so it might work for your dog.  How it works is that it basically gives your dog a hug by applying gentle pressure when worn.  You can also try a snug-fitting tee shirt if you don’t have a Thundershirt.

You can also distract your dog by giving him or her plenty of things to chew on, like toys and treats.

Also, make sure that the space you leave Fido in doesn’t have anything that could injure your dog.  Like glass decorations that he/she could knock over if a firework startles them.

Ergo… baby proof the place.

Long story short, don’t bring your dog to fireworks displays because they could run off and get hurt.  Leave them at home with plenty of distractions in a safe area instead.

That said, have a great 4th!


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