Not everyone enjoys a quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving.  Despite the chaos in the kitchen, some families honestly don’t get along… yet insist on gathering year after year for this traditional holiday.   Which, unfortunately, leads to minor mental breakdowns, tears, and threats of divorce.

If it weren’t for Facebook, we wouldn’t know that calm and collected holiday dinners are somewhat in the minority.

Now that my generation has families of their own, I’m starting to see just how good I have it.  Sure, I have the screaming hyper kids, but one soft reprimand from their parents quiets them right down.

So, that’s why I’m taking it upon myself to help as many people survive Thanksgiving.  If you want to cut down on the heartbreak and stress, here’s some ground rules.  If you’re about to embark into a family wasteland tattered by grudges and bad blood, keep these rules close.

Your sanity depends on it.

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