Connecticut State Police released the official stats of Memorial Day Weekend.  By which, I mean, we now know if people happened to drive a little safer than last year.  Turns out, it’s a toss up.

The Hour reports that the CSP issued a litany of tickets over the three-day holiday.  However, that number doesn’t even come close to 2016’s.

So, here’s the breakdown:

  • 2, 658 tickets issued in all on the roads this weekend.
    • 719 of which for speeding
    • 668 for seat belt violations
    • The rest pertaining to traffic violations, distracted driving, and road rage
  • 31 DUI arrests
  • 302 total accidents on the road
    • 48 with a reported injury
    • 3 fatalities

The CSP says the the numbers improved from last year, though.  So, there’s a small silver lining to these statistics.

In 2016, police issued nearly 6,000 tickets and responded to 447 crashes.  Also, 72 crashes had recorded injuries while 2 turned out to be fatal.

Either way, Connecticut’s roads were a mess over the holiday weekend and that rain certainly didn’t help conditions.  But, thankfully, it seems the state’s drivers happened to be a bit more conscientious on the roads this year.

Considering that a record amount of people traveled over Memorial Day Weekend, here’s hoping this trend continues.

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