Connecticut police have good and bad news about the roads over the July 4th holiday weekend.  After launching an aggressive campaign to catch drunk and distracted drivers, they’re out with the results.  Unfortunately, the results are all over the place.

So, CT Post got their hands on the weekend wrap up, which includes a mixed bag of findings.  Thankfully, police say deaths went down on the roads this year.

However, incidents of drunk driving went up.

Still, it’s better than the alternative  considering deaths on CT’s roadways already far outpaced last year.

Anyways, a total of 53 people got nabbed for DUI.  Last year, the number was 39.

It’s extremely sad because traffic accidents remain one of the leading causes of death in America.  Considering driving just slightly buzzed dramatically increases your chance of getting into an accident…

Thankfully, the CSP reported a near miracle over the weekend.  Absolutely no fatalities happened on the roads over the holiday weekend.

It’s a major accomplishment because many Americans had a four-day weekend.  So, parties went up, as referenced by the amount of people caught drinking behind the wheel.

So, it’s welcome news that people weren’t hurt because of one person’s terrible decision.  Which means our police did their job and did it beautifully considering the July 4th holiday tends to be the deadliest day on the roads.

On top of that, police also handed out fewer speeding tickets this year.  They only gave out 1,171 tickets this year, compared to 2016’s 1,227.

Also, distracted driving citations plummeted; meaning texting behind the wheel and/or unsafe lane changes. Police issued 2,486 warnings this year compared to last year’s 2,913.

So, Connecticut did a pretty good job behaving itself this year.  Because last year?  Yeah, we sorta lost our collective minds on the roads.

So, good job Connecticut!  Glad to hear people kept their wits about them and that our police did a tremendous job keeping us safe.

How far did you travel over the holiday weekend?  Did you think traffic was better or worse than last year?


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