The headline conjures more questions than answers.  How was this person able to equate Connecticut to heaven on earth?  Was the author cutting it close to the deadline, needed a story idea, and she was stuck in traffic on 95 when Belinda Carlisle came on?

The author, Minou Clark, managed to whip up 25 reasons why our humble little state earned this particular little title.

Yeah, looking around, we can see maybe… 10 solid reasons why CT could technically be classified a literal paradise.  15 if we have beer goggles on.   But 25?  How much time did this lady have on her hands?  How many stock photos did she comb through before finding enough that looked heavenly enough.

I can totally agree with us having the best pizza the world can offer… AND that we are the home of the hamburger (which, strangely, didn’t make the list but okay.)  Then again, I’m really obsessed with food so anytime it’s mentioned as a means to justify anything, I do nod my head and say, “Hmmm makes sense.”

We also have some bomb ocean views, lakes, and ponds that serve as little getaways when needed.  We also offer some awesome attractions you really can’t find anywhere else, like Mystic Seaport, Warren’s Occult Museum, Charles Island, Pez Visitor’s Center, and the Essex Steam Train.

We can’t really complain how the seasons change the landscape, either.  I mean, the fall foliage IS really pretty… when you’re in the passenger’s seat.

And, yes, we can totally agree that the UConn women are our pride and joy when it comes to basketball season.  They’re probably the safest team to bet on in history.

So, if you’re curious (don’t lie because you totally are) check out the list over HERE.  I kinda want to take that Belinda Carlisle song now and make a slideshow to all the images used in that article. Too much?  Nah, totally gonna do it guys.  I know how I’m spending today.

Anyways, what are your 25 reasons why Connecticut is heaven on earth?  Can you even make it to 25?

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