If you left your bird feeder hanging or forgot to take the pet food in, the black bears thank you.  Since people continue to neglect taking down their bear magnets, wildlife officials issued a new message. Stop!

CT Post reports that bears love bird seed, pet food, uncovered garbage, and especially suet.  Think of suet as a literal candy bar for black bears.  So, if you left any up, take it down before it’s too late.

Weston Animal Control Officer Mark Harper says residents spotted a black bear lumbering around for snacks.  Normally, these creatures stick to the woods.  But, once they learn where to grab an easy bite, they could become a nuisance that requires action.

As for his message to Weston residents:

“Please bring in your bird feeders.  This bear is out there looking for snacks.”

Bears started off the season with a bang.  A woman lost her car after a black bear managed to trap itself inside.  That story also went viral for all the right reasons.

The woman believes the bear followed the scent of the trash she recently took to the dump and broke into her car to find it.

That said, if you don’t want to suffer property damage or have a bear associate your house with food, do these few simple things.

1. Seal up your trash and don’t leave it outside until collection day.  (If your trash smells and you don’t want it inside, add a few tablespoons of ammonia to mask food odors.)

2. Take in any and all pet food because black bears (along with other wildlife) will chow down on it

3. Remove any and all bird feeders because there’s plenty of food for birds to find now.  No need for extra seed except to feed lazy squirrels and black bears!

4. Don’t add meats or fruits to your outdoor compost pile.  Soon, it’ll become the black bear buffet.

5. Thoroughly clean your grills after use.  A bear might smell the residue and tear apart your pricey grill to lap up whatever remains.

6. Lastly, never EVER feed the bears!  They’ll lose their natural fear of humans, which means you signed them up for a death sentence.

Also, if you ever spot a bear, call your local wildlife or animal control officer.  Provide them with the location and time of the sighting so they can potentially track the bear to make sure it behaves.

The problem is with more housing and development cropping up over CT, black bears lost some of their habitat.  So, they adapt to their new surroundings and sometimes that means they have to wander around “people territory.”

Already, several CT cities and towns recorded over 100 bear sightings this year.   So, even though bears will try to snatch a quick bite, you definitely don’t want these critters knocking on your door.

Actually, once a bear knows of a reliable food source, it’ll keep coming back.  One person in Weston found that out the hard way when they refused to fully remove their suet.   The bear actually broke into their house… twice.

Anyways, since last year broke a record in bear sightings and this year on par to surpass that record… do what you can to make the bears leave your house alone.  These dudes are here to stay and, frankly, our state needs them to control certain animal populations.

Also, they’re just cool.  So, bear-proof your house and, by gum, don’t feed the bears!

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