In the debate about health care the Republicans keep saying they will return the decisions back to the doctor and the patient. Healthcare has never been just the doctor and the patient!

The trolls at the insurance companies have always been involved. Need a drug they decide is not on your plan, pay for it yourself. Don’t have the money? Too bad.

My insurance company didn’t cover a drug my doctor prescribed and the bill was 275 dollars a month. I could lease a car for less! A few months I had to do without and paid a price in my health. Two years later the company changed plans and the same drug cost 5 dollars a month! How is that possible?

Americans pay more for healthcare than any other industrialized country on the planet. The rule and regulations are designed  by lawyers, not physicians. Americans pay more for drugs because the drug companies throw huge dollars into the pockets of the Congress that make laws to keep the vast drug profits rolling in.

The health care system in this country is beyond a mess. It needs to be blown up and start over. The majority of Americans don’t feel it because they are covered by the work plans. But as more and more companies go for cheaper and cheaper plans the pain will eventually come their way. Only then will real change happen, till then it is “promises made and gifts exchanged” with no regard for the actual humans the system is supposed to serve.

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