Holy moly!  Look, I love pizza and some may even call me a connoisseur.  And, today, I got to taste the most unique pizza to ever grace God’s green earth: the 109 Cheese Pie.

So, I’m writing this with a stomach full of ooey gooey cheesy goodness.  Actually, I’m feeling a little bit giddy.  Like I’m almost on a food high.  I didn’t even know that was a thing until now.  Which is why you need to try this pizza.

The 109 Cheese Pie is a record-smashing pizza that you can only get TODAY at Letizia’s Pizza in Norwalk.  Yes, they used 109 different cheeses to create this heavenly concoction.  But they didn’t do it alone.

They had the help of 109 Cheese & Wine in Ridgefield, who curated a list of cheeses that will mesh well together on a thin New Haven styled crust.

But, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Fairfield County’s morning guy, Ken Tuccio.  The host of First Thing Fairfield County on 95.9 The Fox first came up with the idea.

Actually, he stole the idea from Oregon and made it better.  Because Connecticut just so happens to be the birthplace of pizza.  Naturally, if there’s any pizza records to break, they’re gonna be broken here.

So, Ken contacted the guys from Letizia’s about the 101 cheese pie that Oregon created, touting that they’ve broken the world record for the cheesiest pizza.  From there, it was game ON.

109 Cheese & Wine came aboard and, bam, they smashed the previous pizza record.

Check out this bad boy:

pizza 1

So, I had a slice this morning, and I gotta tell you just how much I loved it.  Look, if you can only tolerate American cheese, this pizza’s not for you.

But, I’d try it anyway because it is technically the cheesiest pizza in the world right now.  So, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity as far as I can see.

To me, I love goat cheese, so my taste buds picked up on that flavor right away.  Super yum.  To be honest, every bite tasted different.  But a good different.

Some bites tasted like the good ol’ fashioned cheese pie while others tasted richer and complex.   Honestly, it was more revolutionary than that Unicorn Frappuccino.  Every bite tasted different, but it was a flavor I actually enjoyed.

It’s a pretty exciting experience.

Personally, I give this 109 cheese pie top marks.  Letizia’s and 109 Cheese & Wine effortlessly blended over a hundred different types of cheeses and made a delicious pizza.  That in itself is revolutionary enough.

Also, this pie proves just how passionate Connecticut is about their pizza.  We created it.  We perfect it.  And, when someone tries to use our invention to break a world record, we have something to say about it.

You can only taste this 1-of-a-kind pizza today at Letizia’s.  Hey, you can also buy yourself a limited edition celebration tee shirt, too!



Plus, buying a slice helps out a local charity.  All proceeds will be donated to Food Rescue, which supplies fresh supplies to food insecure households.

Congrats to Ken, Letizia’s, and 109 Cheese & Wine… you guys just broke a Guinness World  Record!

Also, if anyone even dares to top the 109 pie… they’ll just make a 150 cheese pie.  Can’t wait to taste that when it inevitably comes out of Letizia’s oven.  Yum!

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