Tomorrow, November 6, the second Chick-fil-A Connecticut location will officially open in Wallingford. Today, it was unofficially open.

Just for me.


Yes, it’s true (well, that’s not true – it was open for several of us, I just happened to be first). I was the first person to place an order at the brand new Chick-fil-A, right off Route 15 at 1098 North Colony Road. It’s just one of the perks of being a member of the media.

Before you walk in, first you have to pass hundreds of people waiting in tents – they’ve been camped out since 6am, because the first 100 adults that pass through the door at 6am tomorrow get free Chick-fil-A for one year. But Chick-fil-A treats the die-hards well – they’ve got free tea and coffee for them for all 24 hours of the wait:


Not only did I get to be first in line, but I also got a Backstage Tour of the entire facility. I learned that Chick-fil-A’s founder didn’t only create this renowned food chain (that’s finally come to Connecticut after a very, very long wait – the first location opened last month in Brookfield, and another location opens tomorrow at the Danbury Fair Mall) – he also invented the Food Court. Without him, malls as we know it would cease to exist.

I got to see the massive kitchen, the full operation where they hand make all the items, from the biscuits to the lemonade, and, of course, where they bread and pressure cook the chicken (no microwaves!) – I wasn’t even allowed into that section (as a matter of fact, no one other than the cooks were), I could merely observe from a distance as they made my Spicy Chicken Sandwich.


So, how was it? In a word – astounding. It’s everything that you’ve heard about for years from your spoiled friends who live in the 40 other states that have Chick-fil-A.

Anticipate long lines for a while on North Colony Road (remember when Sonic opened?) – but it is worth the wait (except on Sundays – they’ll be closed).


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