Call it Global Warming or Mother Nature hitting the bottle too much, but all this wacky weather needs to stop.  Seriously, our poor state needs a break.  All the ice jams blocking up the rivers created some hazardous flooding in numerous cities and towns.

Fox 61 reports that the ice jams along the Connecticut river forced Haddam to declare a state of emergency.  The town simply doesn’t have the resources to combat the flooding.   The town also asked Governor Malloy for state aid.   They also plan to partner with Deep River, Chester, and Essex to request relief from FEMA.

The ice jam on the Connecticut River also caused severe flooding in Hartford.  Shortly after the waters rose enough to cover Riverside Park, it froze over again due to the next cold wave.  So, the city must replace several light poles that sustained serious damage.

However, residents in the area expressed worries about the size of the Coast Guard ice breaker.  Basically, some chunks within the ice jam might be too big for the tug boat.  The Coast card already suspended its service once because the ice was too thick.  If you must know, the boat’s name is Bollard.

Then again, with weekend temperatures flirting with the 50’s, it might make their job easier.  But, it might make the situation on land so much worse.

Look no further than the town of Kent, who already declared a state of emergency due to flooding.  The arctic blast froze over portions of the Housatonic River.  When the rain and balmy pre-spring temperatures hit not even two days after it ended, the ice broke apart as the rivers swelled.  Hence the creation of those severe ice jams.

And when that happened, it summoned flood waters large enough to consume the school.  And, also, drown a few cars.

The water rose so high it forced several evacuations.  Town officials and residents alike say they’ve never seen flooding this bad before.   Especially at this time of year because normally flooding happens in the spring.

Eventually, the issue poured into the surrounding towns.  The mile-long ice jam backed up the river’s flow to the point it had nowhere else to go but on land.  So, with another round of spring-like weather heading our way, it could create an even bigger disaster.

Rep. Brian Ohler prays the thaw doesn’t happen all at once, though.  Best case scenario is a slow breakup of the ice over the relatively warm weekend.

Middletown Public Works Director William Russo told the Hartford Courant that much is at stake for his city.  Right now, reports say the Connecticut river crested.  But, should it rise further it’ll cause insurmountable damage to the Lady Katharine ship moored at Harbor Park.  Basically, it’ll be a very bad day for the city if Lady Katharine floats over the bulkhead.

Have you ever seen flooding this bad at this time of year?  Or do you think this is a sign of what’s to come down the road due to a changing climate?

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